Majestic BR Hills – A day Trip from Mysore

B R Hills or Biligiriranga Hills is one of the many beautiful hill ranges. When my cousins visited my home in Mysore and were planning for BR Hills. It had been a long time I visited BR hills, so I decided to join them for this day trip. Its a perfect getaway to spend a day out and come back refreshed.

We started late in the morning at 10 as our aim was to reach K-Gudi or Kyatharayana gudi and go to safari at 3 PM.  We started after our breakfast in home and took Chamarajanagar route. Road to BR Hills is pretty good. On the way we stopped at this big beautiful unnamed Lake. It was so Majestic that our kids enjoyed looking at vast water.

BR hills is around 85 Kms from Mysore (if you take Chamarajanagar route) and it took us around 3 hours including all our breaks. Soon we reached the foot hills of BR Hills. The entrance is marked by the forest check post. You need to take permits to enter. We have to make entries of our vehicles before entering. Entry for vehicles through this reserved forest range is permitted only from 6.00AM to 6.00PM. Vehicles are not allowed after 6.00PM.

Its advised not to stop after the check post till you reach K-gudi. Just enjoy the ride, even though it will force you to stop for photo session it’s better not to stop. If you are lucky you might actually see some animals. It was pleasurable journey till we reach K –Gudi. K- Gudi Wilderness camp is a beautiful place to stay over, if you consider a one-night stay.

K -Gudi

We stopped at K-Gudi by 1.30. we had a nice homemade lunch which we had carried with ourselves. For few minutes we just enjoyed the serenity of nature. Post lunch we took the safari tickets.

Lunch Spot

 We were all set for Safari. Our kids were enthusiasts to see some animals. After several safari’s in Kabini and Bandipur, I strongly believe that “One should be lucky to see wild animals”.  We saw several spotted deer’s, Sambar deer, blackbucks, Peacock, Wild boar, languor, Bison and variety of birds. I was amazed with the beauty of forest. However, we were not lucky enough to spot elephants or tigers. Our kids were eagerly waiting for that and they were slightly disappointed.

Like all good things, our Safari came to an end. Visit to BR hills won’t be complete without paying homage to BR Hills temple. We went to the famous BR Hills Temple post safari. Vehicle will go almost till the temple, however we opted to take long steps route. It has close to 120 steps, which our kids enjoyed climbing.

Temple was under renovation. We had a peaceful darshan. If temple is the main reason you are going I suggest you wait till renovation is complete.  It offers a wonderful panoramic view. Behind the valley, enormous green hills stay guard. The air is crisp and fresh as ever. After our prayers we started coming back down.

Road though the reserve forest was closed at 6.PM so we had to take a different route to reach Mysore. In this route we stopped at Yelandur Bale manatapa and Bhu -Varahaswamy temple. These temples were very old and had offers several intricate carvings of Ramayana, Mahabharatha and other Hindu Mythological stories.

We took the highway and headed to Mysore. I hope to visit BR hills once it rains again in Monsoon see the lush greener view.

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