On the Banks of Serene Kapila/Kabini

After exploring the banks of Cauvery, Me and husband were eager to spend some much needed family time in the banks of Kapila/Kabini. We had no particular destination for the day as our idea was to spend a day in the banks of Kapila/Kabini. Nearest banks was near Nanjangudu. Nanjangudu is close to 20 Kms from Mysore. So we took our two wheeler and started our ride towards Nanjangudu.

Our first stop was at Mallana Moole. This place is the main Ooty Nanjangud Road. Its approx 15kms from home. I loved the banks behind the temple, however it was very hot. My father had warned us several times against taking a dip in that place as its very popular to have several whirlpools which is very dangerous.  We were in no hurry & took our own time to find a shade, sat there and had our packed lunch.

Banks of Kabini in Nanjangudu

Post that we started towards Nanjangudu. We reached banks soon. We spent ample amount of time taking a dip and playing in the river Kapila. The place was less crowded as it was weekday and temple being closed to several age group due to Corona pandemic. Our son was slightly excited for a coracle ride. Coracle ride was for a short duration; it was fun sailing on the smoothly flowing river.

After our ride, we started exploring the other side of the bank and found some beautiful farm land. We went for long ride in the countryside. When sun was setting we just turned back towards the home after a peaceful day outing.

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