Few Blissful Hours near Quaint Kabini Dam

On a lazy Sunday morning, after our breakfast, we suddenly decided to go for half a day outing. Mysore is home for several variety of beauties, it was easy for us to choose.

“Serenity of Water will always bring tranquillity to my chaotic mind”

With this we choose to spend some time near Kabini dam/reservoir. Kabini Wildlife is equally popular; however, it will be luxury trip. Check out my Kabini post for more details on that.

Kabini has a very unique topography! It’s a rich with plants and vegetation during the monsoon.  During summer, the river shrinks and several animals will move around in search of food and water, which makes a major attraction for wild life enthusiasts as spotting animal chances will be higher.

Blissful picnic spot

We started from our home in Mysore around 12.00 clock. Kabini Dam is close to 60 Kms. We soon reached the backdrop, without any stop in between.  Kabini Dam has an eye-catching structure, located right in the heart of enthralling nature. The dense forest around the Kabini Dam are home to around 250 species of birds, making the location ideal for bird watching.

Changing Hues in the Sky

We took a small kachacha road deviation just besides dam and entered the vast backwaters. Those vast blue waters were absolute dreamlike. We parked our car in a shade and roamed the shores. After some time, we had our packed lunch.

The soothing sound of the gleaming waters accompanied with the refreshing views along with the changing hues in the skies and the birds flying back to their nests is absolutely surreal. We got immersed into the tranquil settings of nature. My son enjoyed the natural beauties to the core. He found the pleasure in picking the stones and making different ripples in water.

The place was deserted with no signs of tourist. I was delighted with that aspect. As the sun sets and the shades of the sky turns to orangish color, the visual sight was absolute delight. Post few quaint hours we started back towards Mysore with contentment.

Location: Mysore-HD KOte- Manandawadi Road Karnataka
Time: Open all days all time
Entry Fee: No entry fee as its backwaters
Ideal Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Nearest City:  Mysore (60 Kms). From HD Kote 25 Kms
Best time: Aug to Dec
Travel Tip: Carry your own water bottles, wear comfortable clothes and a good pair of shoes. Suggest carrying packed lunch as you won’t find and decent restaurant nearby. Carry a ball and disk to play for a while.

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