Return Billionaire to Sender by Annika Martin

Title: Return Billionaire to Sender (Billionaires of Manhattan #5)

Author: Annika Martin 

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟

Type: Standalone

Genre: contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Rom-com

 Narration: Dual POV 

Primary Characters: Noelle and Malcolm’s

From the time I had finished the epilogue in Rex and Tabitha’s story (Billionaires of Manhattan #4) I had been intrigued with these couple. I wanted to see how shy Noelle will convince arrogant and reclusive Malcolm. This book was exactly as I expected. It’s a complete standalone, no need to read other books in the series.

Noelle is a mailwomen and she is contended and happy with her job. She lives in an apartment with wonderful friends and neighbors. When her building owner Malcom has decided to torn down and build new complex they are devastated. Many have tried to contact Malcom and change is opinion but none were successful.

The residents of the apartment building are struggling for the most part. They make a long video celebrating the building and its inhabitants, with lots of interviews and human interest footage. Noelle strongly believes that, if Malcolm see’s that video, he will change his mind. As blurb says, when she goes to his office to plead her case things go havoc. She is mistaken for Malcolm’s court-ordered emotional IQ coach.

Noelle is shy and determined. Malcolm is grumpy, solitary and hates everyone. This story is too cute. Loved the combo of Noelle and Malcolm. I totally laughed out loud like a lunatic while reading several instances. Enjoyed their banter.Story moved in a steady pace. Narration style is good. Secondary characters were lively.

Overall, it’s a good slow-burn through the story with authors deftly building it to a crescendo. If you are looking for a simple laugh out loud one-time entertainer, then this is for you.

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Blurb as per Amazon

I may be a shy letter carrier, but when my beloved apartment building is threatened by a mysterious and reclusive billionaire, I’m willing to push the envelope.

I’m going to march right up to Malcolm Blackberg’s fortress of fierceness and deliver a cease-and-desist notice he can’t refuse.

Except as soon as I get inside his gilded doors, things go sideways—I’m mistaken for Malcolm’s court-ordered emotional intelligence coach, as if I’m acting out a wacky postal carrier cosplay.

They drag me in, a sacrificial lamb for the big bad.

Make that big, smolderingly sexy bad.

So I make up a lesson involving a story about our building. He doesn’t seem happy. Can he tell that I have no idea what I’m doing?

Before I know it, I’m flying around the country, up close and personality testing the most devilishly exasperating man I’ve ever met.

He’s scary for sure…but the way he sometimes looks at me turns my knees to jelly, and has me writing love letters to his gorgeous eyes, his mouthwatering smile, his impressive…package.

Our coaching sessions are getting hot-hot-hot, but I can’t let my guard down. If he ever finds out I’m a first-class fake, I’ll lose everything I’ve ever loved in this world!

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