Contemporary Romance Fiction

Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

TitleNobody’s Baby But Mine(Chicago Stars #3) 

Author:  Susan Elizabeth Phillips  

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟 

Type: Standalone  

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction 

 Narration: Dual POV  

Primary Characters: Jane & Cal Bonner 

I have been a super great fan of this author after reading her “Kiss an Angel” Book. I had read 1st book of Chicago starts and didn’t pick any other books in the series post that. When I saw this book in my kindle recommendation and after reading the blurb, I couldn’t resist myself. 

The initial part of the story was outrageous. it wasn’t that believable, and what the heroine did – tricked a man into impregnating her – well, that’s something I could normally never believe or imagine but apart from that, it was wonderful. The story was light enough. I enjoyed the banter between main characters. As author has said in the initial acknowledgement of the book, I was smiling laughing and crying during this wonderful ride.  

Jane is smart and physicist and she is working as a scientist in Lab. She is genius with super IQ. Now at 34 she is longing for a kid. She doesn’t want to go sperm bank because she thinks, most of the donors in there are medical students and she doesn’t want her kid to be freakish and super intelligent. She wants her kid to be normal and doesn’t want her kid to suffer like her, so she thinks, she wants the father of the child to be more muscles than exercising his brain. 

Cal is 36 a legendary quarterback of Chicago stars. He acts more pigheaded initially which will deceive Jane. Totally loved Cal. He is charming, handsome, amusing along with being stubborn. Everything backfires on Janie she finds herself in a bit of a mess when Cal finds out her decisiveness. Cal is beyond livid, which is expected out of him. He brings Jane back to his hometown to wait things out. 

Post this, story takes different turns. We meet Cal’s Gran Annie, his parents Lynn and Jim along with his brother Ethan. It was wonderful to see their journey. Jane and Cal fall into a comfortable relationship and both are a bit surprised with how far they have come. Lynn and Jim’s side story just warmed my heart. Ethan and Kavin were adorable. The banter between Janie and Cal are the best part of the book. I loved the relationship development and narration style. 

Overall, it’s a delightful, entertaining, and hilarious romance read. Go ahead and pick it up. Even though initial part seems outrageous you will love it. 

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Blurb as per good reads

Jane Darlington is a genius at physics, but there’s one problem she can’t solve. She yearns for a child, but wants to spare it the pain of growing up as…well, a nerd. And surely any child of Jane’s would be a little too brainy for the playground set.

So she sets out to find a special man to father her child, someone without too much gray-matter between his ears: in short, a big, strong dope. Cal Bonner, legendary pro quarterback, seems to fit the bill. But there’s something Dr. Jane hasn’t counted on: he’s no dumb jock. And he’s not about to get used and abused by a baby-mad schemer.

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