Contemporary Romance Fiction

 A Vow of Hate by Lylah James

Title: A Vow of Hate

Author:  Lylah James 

My Rating:   🌟🌟1/2

Type: Standalone

Genre: contemporary Romance fiction

 Narration: Dual POV 

Primary Characters: Killian, Julianna

I was intrigued by reading blurb, when I saw this book under kindle recommendation. It’s an ok book. It wasn’t nail baiting, just had enough intrigue to turn pages.

Killian Spencer was supposed to marry the woman of his dreams, but it all went in drain in a blink of a moment. Now he is struck with her sister for life. She is the reason for his best laid plans to go in drain. He took a vow of vengeance. Nothing is as it looks on surface. Julianna is still suffering for the bad decision she thought she took.

Some twists and turns came in as a surprise. There guilt, pain, grief and heartbreak is keeping them apart and killing them slowly over and over again. The drama kept the book interesting to turn pages and to get to the know the how’s and why’s. When actual things come to light will thing take a turn in good or bad direction?

Plot is ok. Narration had its own up’s and downs. No other intriguing characters. 

Overall, it’s an ok book with a slightly creative plot.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves an angst contemporary romance read with arrange marriage and enemies to lover’s subplot.

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Blurb as per Good reads

Once upon a time…”

Hate consumed him.
Love wrecked me.
That night changed both our lives, turning our beginning into something toxic. We were poison together and there was no antidote.

Our story began like any other fairy tale ended.
With a beautiful wedding.
One kiss.
Two rings.
Three vows.
Killian Spencer became my lawfully wedded husband and I, his dutiful wife.

But he was no Prince Charming. He didn’t come to save me… and he vowed there would be no happily ever after.
And me?
Just like the legends I’d read as a little girl, I always thought I’d be the princess in my fairy tale.
Well, I was the villain of our love story.

“Till death do us part…”

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