Hike to Devi temple in the midst of pine forest

From the time we reached IIT Mandi campus, I was eager to explore these surrounding mountains. We decided to explore the surrounding area around this Devi temple which is located in the midst of Pine forest.

View from local bridge
My kiddo hiking up

This temple is located bit away from village and is only popular among the locals. On a Saturday morning, our family along with few neighbours started from our home in IIT Kamand and reached Kamand village. We took a deviation to get down near the river and cross the bridge. Once you cross the bridge and start climbing, you will be surrounded by pine tree forest. It was quiet and serene environment. Sun raising on the other side made the surrounding look picturesque. It’s a simple 45 mins hike from the bride. My son enjoyed hiking to till that place.

Morning View

If you are not much interested in temple and you have not come for a peaceful or spiritual trip then you may think this hike is waste of time. However for me eerie quietness of the gigantic, overbearing pines as the sun light mixed with the mist made this place special. This place has an amazing photogenic view which will capture your mind.

The small deity sits in a tiny place. The temple surrounded by gigantic Pine trees making the place more picturesque. Temple itself is quite small but clean and peaceful! Amazing views all along the hike and from the temple. With a 6 year old, we took about 3 hours for the whole trek including an hour of rest and the time we spent in Temple walking at a very relaxed pace.

Front view of Temple

If you have time to spend and if you are in the near by vicinity to Mandi, i recommend you give this hike a shot!!

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