Twisted Circles by Claire Contreras

Title: Twisted Circles (Secret Society #2)

Author:  Claire Contreras 

My Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Type: Standalone

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary Romantic Suspense

 Narration: Dual POV 

Primary Characters: Adam & Eva

I was eager to know more about “The Swords” from the time I read about them in Half Truth.  I picked this book soon after that. I liked it slightly better than Half Truth’s.

In the first half of the book nothing much happened, even though plot started right at the heart of the story with bizarre situation. Eva doesn’t remember how she ended up in mental institution. She is picked up by the police and is asked to act like her Twin whom she hasn’t met till date. She isn’t aware of her twin’s existence till now. Now Eva is supposed to enter the secret society “SWORDS” posing as her twin. I liked being on this mysterious and secretive quest with Eva.

Second half was more mysterious and it moved in a faster pace. Weird things were happening, her twin is reported missing, nuns, monks, rituals with burials, ghosted manor, mental institute, secret societies all added to this mysterious quest. This plot is dynamic, complex and riveting which made it a good page turner.

This story is more about mystery and suspense than the romance. While the romance takes a bit of a backseat, I liked Adam and Eva individually, but I couldn’t see a strong growth in their relationship. There were still several unanswered questions. I wanted to know more details on Wendy and wanted to know what was the exact plan on “Trinity Sacrifice day.” I totally loved Wendy’s way of thinking and questioning, we don’t get more of that. Climax was at 5x speed. The entire plot was built up for that and in the end it felt like some chapters were skipped.

Plot is marvellous with a gripping narration, even if the loose ends aren’t tied well. Loved several secondary characters. Hopefully we will see more of Nolan and Will in the next upcoming books.

Overall, this is very enjoyable, unpredictable and suspenseful story. It does have some darker elements to this. I suggest park your belief’s at the door and just get into this mysterious, cryptic twisted ride and enjoy for yourself.

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Blurb as per Goodreads

When someone tells you who you are, do you believe them?

The first question the cops asked me was if anything out of the ordinary happened to me lately.

When I woke up this morning in the room of a mental institution I couldn’t remember a thing – not my name nor how I got there. Not how I left or how I ended up in that interrogation room.

The only thing I knew came from the contents inside my bag. A wallet, a student ID, a key that opened an unknown door, and two notebooks.

They tell me my name. It matches my IDs.

They tell me my story. I shut my eyes and try to piece it together, but can’t.

They tell me why they picked me up in the first place. They thought I was my sister. My brain stays stuck there. I try to rewind and fast-forward, as if my memories were on a videotape, but it’s no use. I can’t recall having a sister.

They put me back in the car and drop me off in front of a mansion they call The Manor and I discover that the mysterious key in my backpack opens the front door, and just as quickly wish I’d never unlocked it at all.

This is a 100% standalone in the world as Half Truths.

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