Steel Princess(Royal Elite #2) by Rina Kent

Title: Steel Princess(Royal Elite #2)

Author:  Rina Kent 

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟1/4

Type: Series. Trilogy- Book 2

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance, Bully Romances, YA

Primary Characters: Aiden & Elsa

Narration: Dual POV 

Steel Princess is the second book in the series and can’t be read as a standalone. I was intrigued on how the characters and story would turn out. I wasn’t happy with mystery reveal, but I wasn’t disappointed as well. This book was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be.

Aiden and Elsa’s relationship was so deviant and dark and yet it worked so well for them. They fight and try to get upper hand on each other.  The push and pull between them was intense. The glimpses of Aiden and Ella’s past was very tantalising. Story continues with deception, love and hate. It does feel like story hasn’t moved much at several points, yet I didn’t feel bored anywhere.

I liked Aiden more in this. I loved the intrigue and mystery of this series. Aiden’s obsession with Elsa, started making sense. I’m more intrigued with Cole and Ronan. Kim and Xander also added a good amount of lure to the big twisted web of lies and deceit. Each of secondary character is unique in their own way and make them riveting enough to know more.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. Good that I need not have to wait for next book.  I can’t wait to find out what’s more in store for us.

Source – Free in KU

Buy link- https://www.amazon.in/Steel-Princess-School-Bully-Romance-ebook/dp/B07ZBL1T1J/

Blurb as per Amazon

The princess isn’t supposed to dethrone the king.

He said he’ll destroy me, and he did.
I might have lost the battle, but the war is far from over.
They say it starts with one move to dethrone the king.
No one mentioned he’ll yank me with him on the way down.

If Steel’s little princess wants a war, then war it is.
There’s only one rule: my rules or none at all.
By all means, show me what you got, sweetheart.

Steel Princess is book two of Royal Elite series and should be read after Deviant King. This is a dark high school bully romance, mature new adult, and contains dubious situations that some readers might find offensive.

This book is part of a trilogy and is NOT standalone.
The entire trilogy is available

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