Ruthless Empire (Royal Elite #6) by Rina kent

Title: Ruthless Empire (Royal Elite #6)
Author:  Rina Kent 
My Rating:  🌟🌟1/4
Type: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance
Primary Characters: Cole and Silver
Narration: Dual POV 

I jumped directly to this book as soon as I finished Twisted kingdom. I was hoping I will like Cole more than Aiden. Cole was super disappointing. To me, Aiden still rocks in RES World.

Even though author mentioned there are some repetitive scene which matches the timelines of Aiden and Elsa’s story, I wasn’t expecting that much of repetitiveness. Climax was sort of super surprising. Apart from climax I didn’t like the dynamics between Silver and Cole. I didn’t understand the Silver’s logic of pushing Kim away. It was silly. Relationship between Cole and Silver was very dim and I lost interest in their relationship not even half way through the book. It was just the same cycle repeating again and again. Almost 80% of the book is boring as nothing much happens in that period.

Plot is boring. Character development was bad. Narration was ok ok.

If you are familiar with Rina Kent’s RES world and want to know more about Cole and Silver, then pick this up, else its ok to skip this book as you won’t be missing anything.

Source – Free in KU

Buy link – https://www.amazon.in/Ruthless-Empire-Royal-Elite-Book-ebook/dp/B088C593LC/

Blurb as per Goodreads

She’s off limits. He has none.

There’s a girl.
Beautiful. Popular. Fake.
And my obsession.
My fall.
Probably my damnation.
Did that stop me? Do I care? No and no.
There’s a line between right and wrong. Moral and immoral.
And then there’s her.
I cross every limit with blood-coated fingers.
She says she hates me.
I say I hate her too as I trap her, own her.
Make her all mine.

Ruthless Empire is part of Royal Elite Series, but could be read on its own. For better understanding of the world, you might want to read the previous books first. This is a mature new adult and contains situations that some readers can find offensive

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