Contemporary Romance Fiction · YA NA

Title: Broken Trust (Dark Legacy #2) by Jaymin Eve and Tate James 

Title: Broken Trust (Dark Legacy #2)

AuthorJaymin Eve and Tate James 

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟3/4

Type: Series –book 2

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance, YA, Thriller, High School Bully Romance

Primary Characters: Sebastian Beck, Riley, Dylan, Jasper, Evan

Narration: Dual POV (Occasional chapters from Beck’s POV)

This is the second book in Dark legacy series and can’t be read as standalone. As author’s have specified it’s NOT a reverse harem. This review may contain spoilers from book1

This book picked up exactly from the moment that the previous book left us!!! This starts exactly after Riley’s initiation into Delta group. Riley is angry with all the boys and thinks they have broken her trust. Boys try to win and bring her back in their circle but she is adamant and struggles with trust issues. Boys aren’t going to let her just walk away from them without a fight. I understand Riley and Boys here, but first half of book didn’t progress much apart from this, and it was getting on my nerves. In the entire first half, I was happy for that one action scene where Riley showcases her mad driving skills.

As Riley is coming closer to them for once again in second half, new problems are starting to rise on the horizon. With secrets, lies, betrayal, death and power they have to be a stronger unit. Beck is my favourite in this. His possessiveness over Riley was worth watching. I liked all other guys. Jasper is confident with a slight pinch of arrogant.  Evan is cool, I loved his reference to “Trunks” from “Dragon Ball Z”. I still couldn’t figure out what I should feel for Dylan. Dylan being “Piccolo”, the wise badass one is the best reference for his character. 

Even though this book didn’t answer all the questions, it was solid in terms of bonding. Even though it’s not an extraordinary or wonderful sequel, it added some good solid dynamics within the group.

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Blurb as per good reads

They think they own me now. They think they’ve won, and that I’ll be their good little soldier.

Four dangerous, damaged, messed up boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, and I’m starting to suspect he was murdered.

I didn’t ask for this. No one would ask to be played, manipulated, seduced and betrayed. But that’s what happened, anyway.

It wasn’t enough for them to break me. Sebastian Beckett has decided that he can’t let me go, but I refuse to forgive and forget his betrayal so easily. His fixation is bordering on obsession, but when we begin to suspect a spy within Delta, there’s no time to deal with his feelings.

Someone is selling us out, and it’s having a dire impact.

It’s life and death hiding behind corporate greed.

Let the battle begin.

*This dark contemporary romance features four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem.*

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