Contemporary Romance Fiction · YA NA

Broken Legacy (Dark Legacy #3) by Jaymin Eve and Tate James 

Title: Broken Legacy (Dark Legacy #3)

Author: Jaymin Eve and Tate James 

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟

Type: Series –book 3

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance, YA, Thriller

Primary Characters: Sebastian Beck, Riley, Dylan, Jasper, Evan

Narration: Dual POV (Occasional chapters from Beck’s POV)

This is a final conclusion for this series. This is not a standalone and might contain spoilers from book 1 & 2. I suggest reading those two books before reading this review.

 Book starts off exactly where broken trust ended. With Dante betrayal, it’s tough for team to trust others. Riley and boys are now more determined to come out of Delta’s clutches. Path for that isn’t easy. Some situations were over the top for teenagers, yet good for fiction.

Beck’s foresight into the situation and getting prepared for it early is awesome. Dylan’s fighting certain feelings towards his best friend’s woman and Dante wanting forgiveness for his part in Riley’s pain are some good parts of the story. Action in some scenario’s is the best part. Most of the open ends are tied. Even though I’m not completely satisfied with conclusion.

Plot was sort of underdeveloped, even though it had lot of potential. None of the actual delta business was highlighted well. Role of each Senior member weren’t explored well, which sort of made the plot sloppy. Some questions were never answered well, like, Oscar’s death? What led to such extreme situations? The characters are captivating but Evan and Jasper unique potentials never got highlighted.

The Dark Legacy Series was a dark, YA story following the lives of Riley, Sebastian, Jasper, Dylan, and Evan. Main plot involving the heirs and Militant Delta is nice, if only the balance had been maintained throughout and end would have tied well, it would have been great. Overall, an Ok Series.

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Blurb as per good reads

They’re my boys now – the four heirs of Delta. Together we’re a team … a family.

Five broken, brutal, possibly sociopathic people, and we are all that stands between the world and the powerful, corrupt Delta corporation.

We have no idea what we’re doing, but somehow we are determined to stop them. Permanently. We just need leverage … irrefutable evidence of their corruption.

And we need it now. Before the vote that will change everything.

Only there are a few other issues to deal with first. Dante in prison for murder, blood coated roses showing up on my doorstep, and my bio-mom reaching all new levels of insanity.

For the first time we might be completely out of our depth … but we won’t give up.

Not until the final battle is played out. Not until the war has been won.

*This dark contemporary romance features one girl and four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem.*

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