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Best Ever Contemporary Romance Book List

I have been exploring in Romance Genre for almost a year and half now, I thought it’s time to list out some of my all-time favourites in this genre. I’m not sure, what pulled me in this, it may be lovey dovey words or simple, happy, banter, humour or uncomplicated loving nature of protagonist which makes me feel happy and bright.  This big Romance genre comes in many flavors, that you will be amazed looking at so many different sub-genres in this.

Every year, lots of books are published along diverse sub genres like historical, paranormal, star romance, erotica and contemporary. A lot of romance to choose from in multiple sub categories. It easy to pick the popular classics, however if you are looking for contemporary recommendations, I have made the list of some of my favourite contemporary romance novels from all sub-genres.

This book was published in 1996, but it feels like the story could set in current time. The author is such a great storyteller, and I just enjoyed this book a lot.  Daisy Devreaux enters an arranged marriage to the mystery man Alex, who works as a manager in circus. My favourite thing about this book was seeing the growth Daisy went through throughout the book. She went from a sheltered, easy to push around woman, to a very strong, fierce and determined one. I loved the transformation she went through, and her special bond with the circus animals was magical and very beautiful. The banter was filled with humour, the emotion of the story gripped my heart and those circus performances…those scenes stole my breath away!  I did love/hate Alex, as he was hard on Daisy but he is a fantastic character. If you haven’t yet experienced the incredible work of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, you really are missing out

This is an another wonderful arranged unhappy married couples story. Somehow, it was completely different the story line from what I thought it would entail, but that didn’t stop me from loving it! This book highlights the importance of communication. Teresa is married to Alessandro because she loved him, only to discover later he was blackmailed to marry her and he did for gain. After some startling discoveries about the events that led up to their marriage, both of them start to look at each other in different lights. I loved the angst in it.  It is an emotionally charged read. The beginning of the book gives us that background and the struggles Theresa has in a marriage and how both of them overcome those obstacles. But the best part of the book is Sandro. From neglectful, manipulative and cold husband to his journey of being redeemed is fabulous. It’s a very satisfying great emotional read.

This is one of the best sports and interracial romance I have read till date. Salome “Sal” Casillas is a soccer player in Pipers League team. Reiner Kulti, a recently retired international soccer icon, has agreed to be an assistant coach for the team for one season.  She is Modest, level-headed, talented, competitive, easy going and a real team player, determined to work hard to prove her worth to herself and her team. Kulti is very serious and grumpy most of the time. He also had a healthy dose of humor in him. I loved their banter and bickering. I hated the writing style as it has too many monologues between the wonderful banter, yet an amazing read. It’s one of the slow burn romances. Mariana Zapata has given us a heroine to admire until the very end, and a noble hero who cherishes everything about her.

There are several mafia romances books available in the market. I may have rated high for other books from same author. Yet, for some reasons Nino and Kiara have captured my heart like no other. I m a fan of these Falcone brothers.  Nino is the complex man out. Nino struggling to show any emotions and Kiara being the simplest and innocent girl, they form a strange bond. They have gone through a tragic and horrible past, and that definitely still shows in their behavior now. Nino in my opinion is a very thoughtful and would never do anything to hurt her.  They were room for growth between the couple, with the rushed ending, yet I loved seeing these two characters come together and grow as a couple.

I have read all books written by this author and this is my favourite among all. It’s a dark delicious YA highschool bully romance duet. Kieran and Lake doesn’t seem like teenagers at all. Kieran is extreme, fierce, intense, controlling, hurtful and possessive. Lake is loyal and strong. Book opens with Lake Monroe dreading her last year in high school as her tormentor of 10 years Kieran Masters is set to be released from juvenile and be back in school. He bullies her and only her. Relationship dynamics were fascinating as they were ticking time bomb. This was a young adult book surrounded by much darkness, crazy, unreasonable and kind of unrealistic. I had more fun reading this book than I know how to say.

This series is more of an Urban Fantasy/Chick lit and Paranormal book than a romance read. Jericho Barrons (Male protagonist of book) just upped the bar for me. This is a series I find it difficult to review without accidentally talking about major spoilers The basic premise here is that the wall between the human and fairy world is crumbling, and a young woman (Mac) just might have the power to stop it…but who is she really, and who is that sexy bookstore owner and what does he want?  This is a unique world, enter into it and enjoy the world of Fae, Demons, humans and  sidhe-seer’s.

This is simply a beautiful story about love and survival. About hope and healing. About life and death. About coping with tragedy and finding forgiveness and peace. About being strong. About being a victim, but also a survivor. When Sky meets Holder, her life changes. Dean Holder is amazing and freakingly perfect. Character development was astounding in this book and both mains were really complex. The writing is phenomenal. This book was so amazing- just incredible! I laughed a lot- I cried a lot. It was emotional and intense, it moved me. It was as close to perfection as you can get and a story I will never ever forget

This was categorised under Office Romances by several of my fellow book readers. It’s a unique, hard to describe love, which worked out well for Donovan and Sabrina.  Donovan is controlling, sexy and a dirty talking hero. Sabrina is a smart and beautiful woman. This story takes two broken people on an emotional and heart wrenching journey as they both try to deal with the traumas of their pasts and the mistakes they’ve made as they both learn to forgive and compromise for the sake of their happiness. 

It’s a romantic Suspense/Murder mystery book.  – It was fun, fast paced, humorous, sexy and intriguing all at the same time. It’s a story of 4 women who work in the same company in different department. All 4 are different from each other yet they are good friends. It revolves around a list made by these 4 friends on one drunken night about their idea of Mr. Perfect. As per them Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist and it’s a science fiction. Yet it doesn’t stop them to make a list and laugh at their own innovative character. List becomes viral and these 4 become famous. Problem arises when one of the 4 become dead. It’s a complete package with comedy, suspense, thriller and romance.

This book is dark, twisted & mysterious thriller/erotica thriller with many turns and twist. story part of this, it starts with Victoria Conway entering into a contract at the age of 18 and marrying a mogul who is much older than her to ensure her siblings financial future and payoff her stepfathers gambling debts. It’s a story about Victoria being young and naive to being strong willed, smart, cool, sexy and badass. It’s an intense book and I was captivated by the characters and plot. I loved the way author has expressed depth knowledge about the domain in her terms. It’s a smart crazy thriller. In short, a wild ride. 

They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true. This is a beautiful story with enemies to lover’s subgenre plot. Vicious is the epitome of a jerk. He’s cold and ruthless. He is cruel to Emilia and does everything he can to make her feel like less. Emilia is beautiful and strong she takes what Vic gives her in stride, she never truly let’s it cut her down. If you enjoy a book where the arrogant hero with his owns secrets is softened by the adorable but feisty heroine, then you’ll love this story. 

This is an young Adult/college romances with a back drop of fighter romance sub-genre. Travis is tough, charming, insanely hot, tattooed badboy who also is a popular student who fights in a ring at night to earn money for college. Abby is a sweet, charismatic freshman. The story is good, even if it is a bit of a roller coaster ride as these two fight and make up until they finally figure out they want to be together. 

 Everyone deserves to be loved and to love. There is small amount of light even in the darkest parts. Similar to Yin and Yang, relationships are ever changing. Books don’t need to be sad or challenging to be worthwhile. Sometimes you need to replenish your stores of good feelings, to remind yourself that stories can end happily, that people can fall in love, that a guy can want to get you off several times before he takes off his own pant :).

These are some of my favourites, even though I have a big list, I will list down all my other favourites by sub-genre.

Let me know what are your favourites in this.

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