Alluring Khanahr Peak – Himachal Pradesh – Mandi – Trip log

This big beautiful mountain was so alluring to us from the balcony of our home in IIT Mandi. This is called Khanahr Peak. Small Himalayan village of Khanahr was perched closer to other side of the peak. On a lazy Sunday morning, we decided to climb that.  

View of Khanahr peak and Dhauladhar Range from Khani Top

We started from our home in IIT Mandi North campus and reached Salgi village by 7.30 AM. We took the stairs route till the top of first peak. See the high-tension wire in below pic. It indicates you have reached almost half way.  A luxurious big solo home is present at the top of this peak, which is not visible from Salgi. The owners of the house spoke with us for a while and directed us towards Khanahr Peak.

IIT Mandi Campus from Khanahr Peak
Stairs path
Solo Home at top of first peak

We will take a deviation here to next adjacent mountain. The route from that is to follow the stone wall along the mountain till the peak.  Path is not marked from this place till peak. You just have to find your own way uphill till the peak. Since its steep climb it takes around 1.5 hour to reach.

The route is immensely beautiful and its surrounded by Pine forest.  The view on the way to peak is amazing. You get complete view of IIT Mandi campus along with the Salgi Village. You won’t find any picturesque views from peak as its surrounded by pine trees. 

While getting down, one can take a back route, so you get different view. Horny bushes along the trail is an adventurous trail that has rocky patches, boulder sections and forest trails, all packed into this short hike.

Khanahr peak

Overall it took us 6 hours to do up and down with a 6-year-old joining us. This was a perfect plan to quench my weekly thirst for adventure.

This is one the simple short hike which you can do on your own. Do add this hike in your list, if you are close to IIT Mandi Campus.

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