Hike to Kathachi Temple – Amidst Mystic Peaks- Himachal Pradesh – Mandi – Trip log

Kathachi is a small village in the Mandi tehsil, Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. This village is close to IIT Mandi Campus. During our brief stay in IIT Mandi we explored several hike routes which will lead to Kathachi temple. It’s called as Baba Barnatri Shri Mandir by localities.

This temple is so strategically placed, its visible from very far distance. Its visible in complete 360 view from any surrounding mountain. These mountains are not just majestic and beautiful but also holy. This shrine is closely associated with the epics of Sage Parashar.

Arnehad Village

There are several routes to reach this temple. You can either take the stairs through the village or a steep narrow uphill hike through the dirt road from any of the mountains nearby. Best and easy route is through the stairs from Kathachi Village. You can park your vehicle in village and hike the small route till temple. It takes around 45 mins to reach temple. Another way to go to Arnehad village by road and walk 500 mts to reach the temple.

If you are mood for simple hike, then you can even take any mountain hiking route’s. Several mountains nearing the shrine all reaches to same place. We explored several routes just by asking some locals around us.

Kathachi Village

The temple is immensely beautiful, surrounded by village farm and traditional houses. The temple offers a panoramic view of the Himalaya. The Shrine is perched at an altitude of approx 3500 m. This place offers a nice views of the surrounding mountains, breathtaking views of Valley and beautiful snowcapped mountains of Dhauladhar range.

Temple was mostly deserted during the times of our visit. Temple is clean and offers serene view of hills and a distant view of snow clad mountains. Sun rising/Setting over the mountains, with a very rewarding view along with peace and divinity can be felt here.

If you are in close by vicinity and have time for a small hike, then do plan a visit to this place.

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