Best Book Recommendation

Best Books of 2021 so far

With Pandemic taking deeper roots and we spending more time indoors than ever before, it was time for me to dive in my reading list. I was committed to focus on quality over quantity this year. I had a look at all the books I read in last 6 months and I think I chose much better than last year.

Some of the best books of the year so far provided welcome respite to me from the outside world. Some of them mentioned here are delicious, heartrending and captivating reads. These books are from a varied genre. So, if you’re looking for your next book and if you think our thought process align then try picking these books and enjoy the roller coaster ride. 

Here is my list of recommendations from the books I have read so far

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas – This is a young adult fantasy novel series in the Magical world. It’s a 3 book series. This series has a fae awesomeness, heart-pounding suspense, Crazy Action scenes and a Sexy romance that made me swoon so hard. The adventure was on point. This book resonates with me so wonderfully; it just filled me with awe from within, leaving me drowning in an eternal swirl of emotions. This series left me in ruins and made me confined to my study room for a long time.

Final Girls by Riley Sager – This is wonderful psychological thriller. Book starts out exactly as explained in the blurb. It’s been nearly ten years since Quincy and her friends were attacked in a remote Pine – cottage cabin by a psycho and she was the ‘Final Girl’ to make it out of that alive. This book had its own moments that made me cringe and parts of it annoyed me and some parts kept me on my toes. This book was layered well. Plot is the best part of the book. It’s an entertaining, suspenseful, psychological thriller.

The Lux series by  Jennifer L. Armentrout – This is an awesome Young Adult, paranormal  science fiction, Alien Mojo series.  It’s a 5 book series and need to be read in order. In this book, aliens live amongst us. This particular race of aliens is called the Luxen. In this story we see Katy and Daemon’s relationship as they defy all odds and foes. The characters are entertaining and the plot follows some interesting twists along the way.

Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips – This is an amazing contemporary romance Novel.  It’s a story of Jane and Cal. Jane is a smart Physicist with high IQ and Cal is famous quarterback. Things won’t go well when Janie finds herself in a bit of a mess when Cal finds out her decisiveness. The banter between Janie and Cal are the best part of the book. I loved the relationship development and narration style.  It’s a delightful, entertaining, and hilarious romance read.

Mist Born Trilogy by Brandon SandersonThis is a beautiful action and adventure magical fantasy series. This series has a wonderful depth of imagination, masterful plotting, vivid, haunting settings along with artful twists. The magic system is where this book truly shines. Magic system is so unique, complex but yet so simple to understand. Allomancy is the power to control different metals. The political aspect and the society of the Final Empire are reminiscent of several current societies. With wonderful world building this is an amazing treat.

What are best books you have read so far? Do let me know.

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