Heart on Fire(Kingmaker Chronicles #3) by Amanda Bouchet

Title: Heart on Fire(Kingmaker Chronicles #3)

Author Amanda Bouchet

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Type: Trilogy – Book 3

Genre: Fantasy, Magical world, Action & Adventure, Fiction

Primary Characters: Catalia, Griffin

Secondary Characters: Kato, Carver, Flynn

A satisfying conclusion to this spell bound, action filled series.  This book was slightly disappointing in the end. I was hoping for more action in final war and wonderful epilogue, but it flopped for me in both. Action till the mid part was awesome, I personally feel, book slumped lot more post that.

Book continues with Cat and Griffin’s Journey in reuniting Thalyria. Conquering Fisa is no easy task. With Cat’s mother Andromeda’s ambition, cruelty and power its no easy walk. Cat has to overcome her fears and face her mother. To do that she travels through the Fisa to unlock all her powers.  We meet several other mythical creatures in this gripping conclusion. Interactions with Medusa, Harpy, Mares of Thrace, centaur, unicorn, sphinx and chimera are wonderful. Cat’s power and Griffin’s resilience, they are everything that is needed to right the wrongs. 

Battle scenes with her mother was awesome. It did feel like single women show at some point, which isn’t a bad thing, yet sort of disappointing. There are several instances which I didn’t like in this book, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the series, I did, its just too much to accept even in fictional story. All gods coming to earth and helping one woman against all odds is slightly tough to digest. Being an Indian and listening to all such similar stories with our own mythical creatures and gods helping in several ways and forms to full fill their destiny made it easy for me to like this.  However, final war scene was very disappointing. Cat’s Monologue along with some parts of book consumed in second half made me roll my eyes. I ignored the above enjoyed the rest of the book.

Pace of book is fast, intriguing, thrilling with lot of action in 1st part. Second part dragged a bit. Writing style and narration is awesome. Bellanca, Lycheron, Ianthe, Jocasta, Aetos, Salena are wonderful addition to secondary characters.

I would recommend this wonderful series. This series is filled with action and adventure. Its spellbound action, rich world building, supernatural and mythological creatures it makes a great series and a good final book.

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Blurb as per good reads

The riveting conclusion to the Kingmaker Chronicles, available January 2018!

Who is Catalia Fisa?
With the help of pivotal figures from her past, Cat begins to understand the root of her exceptional magic, her fated union with Griffin Sinta, and Griffin’s role in shaping her destiny.

Only Cat holds the key to unlocking her own power, and that means finally accepting herself, her past, and her future in order to protect her loved ones, confront her murderous mother, and taking a final, terrifying step–reuniting all three realms and taking her place as the Queen of Thalyria.

What doesn’t kill her will only make her stronger…we hope.

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