Tranquilizing Kudalasangama

After exploring full day in Badami, we started towards Kudalasangama in the evening. Kudalasangama in Bagalkot district of Karnataka is an important center of pilgrimage for Lingayats. It is located about 15 kilometres from the Almatti Dam. This place is more enticing to me than Badami caves. I m spell bound by the beauties of River Krishna and Malaprabha. Sangama means confluence, this place is a confluence of two rivers Krishna and Malaprabha.

It is believed to be an old temple but temple is heavily modified to suit the needs of the day. It is said the Basavanna spent his boyhood here. He is a popular philosopher, poet  and  social reformer. The vachanas composed by him are dedicated to the presiding deity here, Sangamanatha.

One needs to descend the well to reach “The Aikya Mantapa” or the holy Samādhi (Dargah😊—Its definitely not an abrahamisation of Hindu Culture) of Basavanna, the founder of the Lingayat sect of Hindu religion. The Kudala Sangama Development Board takes care of the maintenance and development of temple. The circular wall was being built around the Aikya Mantapa which stood in the river bed close to the sloping bank. The well was being built to prevent the Aikya Mantapa from being submerged.

We spent more time near the banks of rivers to have my fill of water. Water levels were high. The roaring sound of waters were soothing to me. Banks were very slippery, so we dare enough to take a complete dip. However, we sat there for a while.  Once I had my fill we started towards our next destination “Harihara”. I never got to explore more in this quaint village beyond this temple and banks. We have always made a passing visit here. May be next time I will get more time to spend here and explore more.

Have you been to this beautiful river confluence (sangama)? what’s your thought on this? Let me know in comments

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