Beautiful HariHara Temple and lovely Ranganatha Swamy Ashrama – Kommaranahalli

Ranganatha Swamy temple of Kommaranahalli

My father was always fascinated with  “Helavanakatte Giriyamma Story” and envisioned visiting this place. That story was a part of my Father’s education curriculum. When he told us, we will stop at this place, none of us were very keen.  We weren’t interested in visiting this unknown remote unheard village. We all reluctantly gave in to my father’s wish. Giriyamma is the first women poet in the era of Dasa sahitya and is a bright icon of the Haridasa movement. Due to this, it has a historical importance. It is said that Giriyamma worshiped the deity here. Its said that she lived and composed her famous Kirtanas in this place.

When our vehicle stopped at this place, I was blown away by the beauty of it. Komaranahalli is about one Km from Malebennur, on Harihara Shimoga Road. This place used to be called as Helavana Katte in earlier years. It is located in the main road facing a beautiful hillock and a vast large Lake. This temple is very well connected and frequent transport including government buses are available. It’s very beautiful once you climb the temple. There are 4 small temples on the same compound of the main temple. We didn’t realize this temple had a beautiful ashrama. We discovered that by fluke. When we were almost about to leave, we heard a loud temple bell and Shankanaada from the other side. When we started walking towards that sound and found this beautiful ashrama in the backside.

Beautiful Lake

Ashrama staff welcomed us warmly. They gave us a nice coffee and gave a free reign to roam around and explore ashrama. It is said that Shankaralinga bhagavan Saraswati maharaj constructed this temple and its now run by its disciples. The Ashrama premises also has a Datta mantapa, a Vyasamandira and several rooms for people to stay. I could see a beautiful coconut farm adjacent to ashrama.  A warm steam will flow just besides this coconut grove.  Ashrama staff asked us to have lunch. Lunch was simple, tasty and good.

The place is very peaceful n calm, you can spend the weekend peacefully by visiting here, rather than the city hustle bustle. I was so much in love with this place. I would definitely visit it again.

Coconut farm adjacent to Ashrama

Harihara Temple

A beautiful temple located in Harihara town, which is 20 kms from Davangere. The town Harihar derives its name from the temple. The temple is very ancient and has two beautiful temple structures in it. One is dedicated to Harihara, a combination of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Another temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. This is a temple oh Hoysala Architecture. Deity here is “Harihara”. Half portion of deity is Lord Shiva and other half is Lord Vishnu. You can see right side of deity with thrishul and japamala indicating shiva and left side of the idol with Shanka and Chakra in the hand indicating Vishnu.

There are several lathe pillars in temple supporting huge roofing. This portion of temple is worth admiring the architecture. All the times I have visited here, temple is mostly deserted.  This temple is on the banks of River Tungabhadra. We have small walkway from the backside of temple to river banks. Path way is not maintained well and is littered with human waste and plastic. Water levels are always on lower side whenever I have visited.  

The ancient pillars, sculpting on roof, inscriptions on granite plates and the deity of half Shiva and half vishnu is for you then do plan a visit to this temple.

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