Best Book Recommendation

Best Books of 2021

I took a call at the start of the year to focus on “Quality over Quantity”. I think I kept up with my own promise and focused on Quality. This year I had so many blockbusters reads that it’s tough to highlight the best book. Most of the books I read this year is in “Fantasy” Genre. I never thought I would enjoy this vast beautiful genre.

Fantasy thrives on the creation of new worlds. It allows for the impossible to occur. When I discovered a perfect magical land within the pages, I never wanted it to end. This year I binge read a lot of series, traversed in several fairy kingdoms, and joined some of my favourite protagonist on their epic adventures.

Here are some of the best series I have read this year.

1. A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah J Mass– This is a young adult fantasy novel series with 4 books out in series yet so far. I just couldn’t come out of this series even after 6 months.  It is set in a wondrous realm of faeries and mortals. This series has a fae awesomeness, heart-pounding suspense, Crazy Action scenes and a Sexy romance that made me swoon so hard. The adventure was on point. This series is a delightful read. It does have some mature content, yet the story retained all the beauty a fantasy novel is supposed to possess.  

2. The bridge Kingdom by Danielle Jensen This book is historical fantasy fiction series filled with politics, spies, a really long hatred between two countries and a slow burn romance with enemies to lovers troupe. . This is entertaining action-packed duet with intrigue, romance, politics, lies, betrayal, love along with the cutthroat way of Kings and Queen.

3. Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet – it’s a beautiful trilogy with a  touch of Greek mythology sets it apart from the other fantasy books. With lots of Mythical creatures, magic with excellent world building and gripping narration this series is an intense rollercoaster ride. It’s a wonderful mixture with a balanced amount of fantasy, action, suspense and romance. A spell bound, utterly delicious fantasy novel!

4. Night Huntress Universe by Jeaniene Frost — When I picked this book on random, I was prepared to be disappointed. however, it was way different than I expected. I loved this urban fantasy world setting. It has a beautiful blend of human’s and vampires. The action, suspense, banter, humor, passion, romance, sexual tension and some amount of tragedy all these elements turned out to be the perfect combination to keep me hooked from the very first page until the very last one. If you are a paranormal urban fantasy lover, then do pick this up and enjoy the thrill ride.

5. The Remnant Chronicles By Mary E Pearson : The Remnant Chronicles is a Young Adult Fantasy series which follows around the protagonist Lia in her journey to unite all the kingdoms. The world is interesting but it’s slow world-building. It’s a very good series for those who want to start getting into fantasy genre and prefer political-intrigued fantasy books.

Have you read any of the books mentioned above? What are best books you have read this year? Do let me know through comments

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