Contemporary Romance Fiction

Bull (The Buck Boys Heroes #1) by Deborah Bladon

Title: Bull (The Buck Boys Heroes #1)

Author:   Deborah Bladon

My Rating: 🌟🌟1/2

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Marriage of convenience 

Primary Characters: Graham Locke, Trina Shaw.

Narration: Dual POV

I was in a reading slump and struggling to pick up any book. I just picked this in random without knowing anything. I had never heard of this author before. I thought this marriage of convenience troupe might get me out of reading slump. This is another light, fake marriage romance series.

This is an office romance with a fake dating/marriage trope. Plot starts exactly as described in blurb. Trina works for an intense, grumpy demanding boss. When she receives a text to come to his wedding, she thinks she is going there as a witness. Turns out, she is the bride. She listens to his story and accepts to this “marriage of convenience”. Graham is decent workaholic person. He has his reservation in terms of marriage. He thinks getting into fake marriage can solve his problem.

This book didn’t offer anything special or extraordinary.  It was very much similar to other books in this genre. I was hoping the banter might be great, but nonetheless it was ok ok.  Personality traits were not remarkable.

Writing style is fine. Plot is mediocre. Narration has its own ups and downs. No intriguing secondary characters.

Overall, its decent, surface level read. You won’t miss out anything even if you skip reading this book.

Source – Free in KU

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Blurb as per Amazon

My jerk of a boss is getting married today.
Imagine my surprise when I found out that the bride-to-be is me.
Graham Locke is cocky, condescending, and looks sinfully sexy wrapped in a thousand dollar suit.
He’s also a nightmare to work for.
When he sends me a text message asking me to meet him because he’s getting married, I laugh out loud.
Who would marry him?
It turns out I do. I literally marry my boss.
It’s not for love. I can’t say it’s entirely for money, but that does factor into my decision to become Mrs. Locke for ninety days.
Three months will fly by, right?
Within twenty four hours, I’m counting the seconds until I can go back to being Trina Shaw.
I persevere because I’m not one to give up even though I seriously consider it.
It doesn’t take long before I discover that my husband isn’t the man I thought he was.
The secrets he keeps hidden close to his heart may end up breaking mine. 

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