Contemporary Romance Fiction

On The Edge by Aleatha Romig

Title: On The Edge

Author: Aleatha Romig

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romantic Thriller, Suspense

Primary Character: Rae Watson

Narration: Multiple POV

I have been a fan of Aleatha Romig and her romantic thrillers. I have enjoyed and liked several of thrillers earlier. When I read the premise and saw the cover I was intrigued and was expecting usual jaw dropping plot twists of Aleatha. However, personally I felt this isn’t her best work.

Plot begins with some of the shady findings near “Woodland Cliffs Country Club”. Rae a college student who is in need of additional funds for collage, accepts the offer to work at country club. Rae’s class crush Frankie is from other side of tracks and his family has a good foot hold in club. 

Club is haven for the rich and powerful. It also has lot of shady business. All is not as it seems at the Cliffs- missing girls, dubious motives, scandal, family drama, harassment along with several secrets just around the bend.

Story is told from several club staff and owner perspective. Since we see multiple POV it has its own advantage and disadvantage. I guessed some of the twist’s way ahead. Even though plot ended with an open-ended question/cliff hanger and the book is classified as standalone, I have a good guess on who and why’s.

Plot has its own ups and downs. I didn’t connect with any characters. None of the characters were exceptional. Book lagged in depth. Writing style was simple however narration wasn’t gripping. Due to multiple POV we already knew the villain, but character wasn’t that enticing. It has less of Romance and more of uncovering truth which is good, yet it felt like, flavor enhancer was missing.

Overall, an “OK” one time read. I would have liked a longer story with more depth and details.

Source – ARC- Courtesy of publisher/Author

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Blurb as per Amazon

Woodland Cliffs Country Club is the crown jewel of the small Monterey-area seaside town. It’s comfortable stomping grounds for those born to money and opportunity. With esteemed members from near and far, it’s not unusual to spot celebrities, business tycoons, or those with even more power.

It isn’t the glamour or intrigue that attracts Rae Watson to seek a summer job at the Cliffs. As a struggling college student, she simply wants to earn money for her senior year at the university and concentrate on classes.

When Rae’s friend helps secure her summer employment at the Cliffs, Rae willingly accepts. She quickly learns that there’s more to the Cliffs, particularly the hidden world of those the country club employs.

The lives of the elite and those who serve them are worlds apart.

What will that mean for Rae and the handsome blue-eyed college student who makes her swoon?

Will she discover the secrets purged from the high cliffs, waiting to be found on the rocky shores, or will she find herself on the edge?

*ON THE EDGE is a small-town, new-adult, friends to lovers, romantic thriller, stand-alone novel

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