Contemporary Romance Fiction

Bones (Dark Kingdom #5) by Shantel Tessier

Title: Bones- Dark Kingdom #5

Author:   Shantel Tessier

My Rating:  🌟🌟1/2

Type: Can be read as standalone 

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia romance      

Primary Characters: Mia, Bones, Luca, Cross, Grave, Titan        

 Narration: Dual POV

This was one of the most anticipated read from the time I met Bones in “Code of Silence”. With each book in series being released, intrigue for Bones built up. I was skeptical to pick up after reading several disappointing reviews. However, with my reading block I thought its time to pick up and see more about Bones. After finishing this book, my opinion also lies with majority. This book “didn’t live up to my expectations.

Plot starts with Luca reaching out to Bones, to save his baby sister Mia from the worst fate possible. When Bones get interfered their life’s get tangled. The more they try to come out, more the knots gets stronger. With Mia being sheltered softer girl and Bones being darker, intense and demanding I thought it would be perfect match. As I said “Thought” being the key word here ☹.

In Previous books, Bones character was portraited as intense, dark, tough, uncompromising, demanding, dominant, irresistible, headstrong and a leader. This book doesn’t highlight any of those Characteristics. He feels and acts like a normal neighborhood boy. It was such a disappointment.

Mia and Nite’s big secret felt like a simple disagreement. Mia didn’t show any personality characteristics. Relationship development was more on surface. Some of the secondary characters were still best. Jasmine was awesome. Writing style was typical Shantel. Narration was ok. Plot has its own up’s and downs with no huge twists and turns.

Overall, this was just OK for me. The protagonist/antagonist deserved a lot more than what was dished out. I would probably forget about this book in some days. I won’t suggest this until and unless you are a hardcore Shantel fan.

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Blurb as per Amazon

I got my name from breaking the bones of a kid who picked on my younger brother, but that’s only where it started.
My black heart craves violence, and being a King gives me plenty of opportunities.

When a friend comes to me for help because someone he loves is in danger, I’m happy to do so. After all, my friends are few, and they are my family.

Once I have her, I do what I have to in order to protect her. She thinks she’s in hell, but this is child’s play compared to what she would have faced.

She’s an innocent through and through and completely off-limits. But that’s not enough to stop me from doing what I do best—taking what’s mine.

I was born into a deadly Mafia family, yet I’m a nobody. To the world, I don’t exist.

Shuffled from Vegas as a child and sent to Italy for my protection, I became invisible. Until they found a use for me. Now I’m a card my father can play. A chance to cash in on the family name to the highest bidder.

Taken from my home, I’m sold to a King. His hard blue eyes take no prisoners. He’s just another pretty face to hide the evil and in no way my savior.

Now I know what hell looks like because I’m living it. But just when I think I can finally be free, it all comes crashing down, and the King I thought would end me is the only one who can save me.

All I wanted was to be somebody, but now I wish I’d stayed the nobody.

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