Daughter of the Drowned Empire by Frankie Diane Mallis

Title: Daughter of the Drowned Empire (Drowned Empire #1)

Author: Frankie Diane Mallis

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟

Type: Series – Book 1

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult fantasy, Magical World

Primary Characters: Lyr, Rhyan, Trsitan

 Narration: Single POV

               I was planning to read part 2 of Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart when I stumbled upon the blurb of this book in good reads. I just could resist myself from reading this. It started with a strong promising premise and plot. Post half way I was disappointed by the language as it took a sudden turn towards a contemporary street. Apart from a sudden usage of words like Fu**, C**K, whore I was happy with most parts.

Plot starts exactly as highlighted in blurb. This story is about Lyriana who is an Heir to the Arkasva and third in line in the Ruling Ka. Lumerian Emperor decides what sort of magic is allowed and what is forbidden. Lyr’s own cousin was executed for wielding the wrong kind. During Lyr’s Revelation ceremony, she uncovers, she doesn’t have any magic in her at all.  Faced with death in exile she will do her best to survive by trying to become a soturion( soldier, magically enhanced Warrior).

Its hard for Lyr to be a Soturian as she has prepared herself to become a mage throughout her life. She is bonded with a forsworn feared exiled warrior Rhyan and has given a time frame of months to prove her worth. Her relationship with Rhyan is forbidden yet the attraction between them is brimming over with life.

The world building is good with several layers to it.  Magic system explained in the book was dull. It was more like; magic is magic with no detailed explanation. There were some detailed elements of forbidden magic but no solid explanation for that specific magic being forbidden. Politics in the book was intriguing. Glossary at the end of the book along with some key appendix helped to understand the world in a better way.

Lyr is an amazing character with strong personality. I loved her compassionate, selfless and protective character. She is determined to save her family and empire. I loathed Tristan from the first chapter of the book & Rhyan slowly grew on me. He is witty, caring, sarcastic, intelligent, protective and open minded. I was sympathetic to Moragana and Meera but didn’t like their cowardly personality. Even though we see Jules for only a brief period of time, I wish I would have known more of her. Imperator a cruel, vintdictive, power hungry villain has done well. I would like to see how Mercurial will turn out in the next series of the book.

For such a strong promising start ending was impoverished. I was astonished thinking, is surviving punishment ending of the book? For such a strong Goddess Asherah character, it was a weak ending. I was hoping for a strong action-packed battle and it didn’t come. Apart from some minor negatives this book is an amazing fantasy book with compelling and exciting characters along with a promising twists and turns.

if you’re into intensely detailed world building magical fantasy books with strong heroine then this is definitely for you. I just couldn’t wait to see direction in which Lyr and Rhyan story continues.

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Blurb as per goodreads

19-year-old mage Lady Lyriana Batavia is third in line to the Seat of Power in Bamaria: a position of wealth and privilege, but not safety. Bamaria falls under the rule of the Lumerian Empire, survivors of a celestial war whose island sank in the Drowning. Now all Lumerians submit to the Emperor and his strict laws about magic. He decides what magic can be practiced and what powers remain forbidden. He decides who will die for possession of forbidden magic.

Lyr’s own cousin was executed for wielding the wrong kind. And for years, Lyr has sworn to protect her older sisters, helping them conceal their own illicit magic.

But when Lyr must participate in the ceremony that reveals her power, she uncovers something else entirely. Something that means banishment from the Empire.

Faced with death in exile, and leaving her sisters behind, Lyr has no choice but to accept a deadly contract. She has seven months to train as a warrior and pass the Emperor’s brutal test of strength—all without magic.

But when she’s forced to train with Lord Rhyan Hart, the man she’s secretly loved since she was a girl—a feared warrior in exile himself, forbidden to her in every way—she’s in danger of losing far more than her family, life, and country.

Rebel forces, and an invading army, are destabilizing Bamaria, just as her family’s secrets threaten to reveal themselves.

Surviving the training, and saving her sisters may mean sacrificing her own heart.

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