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Guardian of the Drowned Empire (Drowned Empire #2) by Frankie Diane Mallis

Title: Guardian of the Drowned Empire (Drowned Empire #2)

Author: Frankie Diane Mallis

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟

Type: Series – Book 2

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult fantasy, Magical World

Primary Characters: Lyr, Rhyan, Trsitan

 Narration: Single POV

Ending of book 1 felt like I stopped in the mid book. I picked up the next one as soon as I was done with book1.I didn’t realize that the last book in the series is still not published yet when I picked book2. I just can’t wait to see how everything will turn out in the end.

Plot continues with  Lyriana journey towards becoming a Sotorion. In the journey of becoming strong Sotorian she understands that she is being challenged at every turn, and every circumstance works against her. I loved Rhyan’s will to support her regardless of circumstances. Some twists were expected however some came as surprise even if it was hinted several times. Its very difficult to give more details about this plot premise without revealing too much.

I liked Lyr more in this than in book1. However, I despised Rhyan and Lyr for not standing up for themselves when it was required. They could have been more tricker than imperator. Inws, I understand that sometimes hands are tied in reality. Imperator, Kormac and Emperor character are written so well that it gave me chills. I will reserve my judgment about Mercurial. I m still not fan of Meera & Morgana. I loath Tristan. I did like Haleika & Galen. I wish I would have known more about Leander. I was astonished by the fact that Lyr and Rhyan had zero friends/trust worthy people in entire series.

Plot development is decent as we see some progress. Relationship development between Rhyan and Lyr is awesome. Pacing was good post 2nd half. I loved the final action/battle. World building was ok. Wish I could have gotten more about other Lumarian Emipres.

I cannot wait to see where the story goes. We finally have enough foundation, lets see how it turns out. I can’t wait to put my hands in the final piece.

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Blurb as per good reads

ow that Lyr has survived the Imperator’s cruel punishment, she has only three months to prepare for the test that will decide her fate. Despite Rhyan’s promise of additional training, her life has never been in more danger.

Enemies known and unknown get closer every day. While the Imperator’s soldiers occupy the city, the Emartis rebels grow bolder, marking Lyr as their target.

Staying safe means more time under Rhyan’s protection. But the closer they become, the more their desire ignites, the harder it becomes to resist temptation.

Secrets can only remain hidden for so long. Even ones Lyr bled for.

As new threats arrive at the Bamarian border, Lyr delves deeper into solving the mystery of her power. But revealing these secrets and surviving the Emperor’s test may cost Lyr more than she can bargain for.

Loyalty will be tested. Lines will be crossed. Ancient promises will be reforged.

And most dangerous of all: as passion burns, oaths will be broken.

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