Lady of the Drowned Empire (Drowned Empire #3) by Frankie Diane Mallis

Title: Lady of the Drowned Empire (Drowned Empire #3)

Author: Frankie Diane Mallis

My Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟

Type: Series – Book 3

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult fantasy, Magical World

Primary Characters: Lyr, Rhyan, Trsitan, Ameon, Morgana Meera

 Narration: Dual POV

               I was so happy to receive the ARC of this book. I just couldn’t wait to see how the plot continues. The plot moved slightly faster. I m happy with some amount of conclusion. I was thinking it will be war, however it was more of a battle. I m trying to write a non- spoiler review; yet, it may contain some spoilers from book1 & 2.

Plot picks up right after the events of “guardian of the drowned empire”. Lyr’s journey continues to uncover some the buried secrets. In that journey she will also realize that she can find a way to unlock her power. Lyriana begins to understand the gravity of her deal with Mercurial. This book dives deep into anxiety and grief. Some of the monologue was slightly difficult to digest. I did like the sweet and tender moments between Rhyan and Lyr. Even though the show stoppers in the book are Morgana and Lyr, I love Rhyan more than I loved him in book 1 & 2.

Relationship building between Lry and Rhyan was good. Its slow burn from book1 till now. I also liked Morgana in this. We see several chapters from Morgana’s point of view. It gives us more clarity on what’s happening. We get answers to lot of questions, however we still have several open question and lot of new revelation. I anticipated some twists and betrayal, some were surprising.

 This book gave more open forum to upcoming war. Need to see how all the players will play out. With both the imperator’s interest in Lyr and Morgana ready to unravel Vorkah’s secrets I m intrigued to see how plot takes the turn. We also see some more strong characters coming into play. Book had its own up’s and down. At some places it moved faster and, in some places, it was quite slow.

Magic system explained in this book wasn’t that great. Its more about Magic is Magic. No proper explanation on any other type apart from forbidden one’s. Writing style was ok ok. Writing style toggled between past and present abruptly. It was difficult to understand the flow sometimes. Even though we see so many new characters, no one was extremely intriguing apart from Morgana. Even though we see a satisfactory end of battle, it still sort of ends on a partial cliffhanger

Overall, it was fun read. With conflict and war raising, couldn’t wait to see how it’s going to unravel. If you are fantasy series fan, I suggest you give a try to this this book.

Source: ARC- Courtesy of publisher/Author

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Blurb as per good reads

Blindsided by their aunt’s betrayal and stripped of the protections of their station, Lyr and her sisters’ only hope of survival is to throw themselves into the dark intrigue of the Bamarian Court. As Meera and Morgana struggle to hide their illegal magic while living amongst their enemies, Lyr uncovers long-buried secrets from her mother that may finally unlock her power.

But the Imperators are determined to set decades-long plans into motion, with Lyr’s true identity placing her at the center of their game.

As Morgana’s magic intensifies to its breaking point, she comes face to face with the Lumerian Empire’s most insidious secret—one that threatens her and Meera’s lives.

To save her sisters, Lyr must escape Bamaria with Rhyan. Though they’re being hunted by demons and tracked across borders by the Empire’s forces, they’re determined to solve the puzzle Lyr’s mother left behind. But claiming Lyr’s power may not be enough as an ancient evil returns to Lumeria.

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