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Horror Book List

With the Halloween theme going on all around the world and several book clubs having the book of the month theme being a horror book, I also fell into this trendy flow. Even though I haven't read few books mentioned here, they were suggested to me by several fellow book bloggers.  I was very fond… Continue reading Horror Book List

Meet The Author

Meet The Author – Beena Khan

Hello, Today, I m excited to introduce you all to "Beena Khan" author of the book "The Name of Red". Beena has a professional degree in Developmental Psychology, but she loves to write about love, poetry, diversity, culture, mental health. Beena is a Pakistani and settled in New York. Let's know more about Beena. Welcome… Continue reading Meet The Author – Beena Khan

Best Book Recommendation

Best Book recommendation from Q2 &Q3 Read

From the time lockdown started I didn’t realize how 6 months flew away. I read good number of books in these six months; however, it wasn’t very satisfying because of my book choices. I'm still happy with few of them. Most of the books are complimentary ARCs that I received from authors, publishers and marketing firms,… Continue reading Best Book recommendation from Q2 &Q3 Read


The Trial by Franz Kafka

Title: The Trial Author: Franz Kafka My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Type: Standalone Genre: Philosophical Fiction, Absurdity fiction Primary Characters: Josef K. The Trial by Franz Kafka is classified under philosophical/absurdity/paranoid fiction genre. I picked this book as this was chosen as “Book of the Month” by Biblioraptor book club. I was very skeptical on several things when I picked this book. I had some… Continue reading The Trial by Franz Kafka