The Trial by Franz Kafka

Title: The Trial Author: Franz Kafka My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Type: Standalone Genre: Philosophical Fiction, Absurdity fiction Primary Characters: Josef K. The Trial by Franz Kafka is classified under philosophical/absurdity/paranoid fiction genre. I picked this book as this was chosen as “Book of the Month” by Biblioraptor book club. I was very skeptical on several things when I picked this book. I had some… Continue reading The Trial by Franz Kafka

Best Book Recommendation

Best Book Recommendation from my Q1- 2020 Reads

Time flew by so quickly, where did Q1 2020 go?   At the beginning of this year, I’ve set my reading goal at 150 books. I was surprised when my good reads said I have completed 48 books in Q1. Most of the books are complimentary ARCs that I received from authors, publishers and marketing firms,… Continue reading Best Book Recommendation from my Q1- 2020 Reads